• Automotive

    At the crossroads of performance, safety and environmental issues, automotive parts are an exciting challenge. They are designed to meet ever-higher requirements and reach an ever-lower carbon footprint. With this focus also our solutions are developed.
    They make assembly conditions more reliable by providing a stable friction, guarantee a safe joint that withstand the daily impacts of driving and extend the service life of parts, even when exposed to an aggressive environment.

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  • Truck

    Trucks are the backbone of commerce and trade. They are used intensively, and their parts are subject to high stress.
    So we are proud to contribute to increasing their long-term reliability and operational efficiency with our coatings. They provide outstanding corrosion protection, even resisting stone impacts, while complying with the most demanding safety standards and functional requirements.

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  • Railway

    Pre-stressing causing heavy loads, vibrations on large elements, humidity, temperature variations, polluted atmosphere, dust from catenaries, paintwork or even graffities; whatever they belong to rolling stock or infrastructure, metal parts must withstand numerous challenges.
    As we believe they are made to be overcome, our teams are committed to help you to select the coating solution that will guarantee the safety of the users while limiting maintenance operations.

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  • Shipbuilding

    Whether they are pleasure boats or even supertankers, the metal parts that compose them are subjected to severe hardship regarding corrosion: sea salt, sea winds, blown droplets, and various pollutions gradually contribute to their degradation.
    Fully aware of the specifications required by the shipbuilding industry and aiming to provide you with excellence, our technical teams will be pleased to work with you to select the coating that will optimally meet your needs.

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