Our solutions are ...

Our coatings bring new properties, functionalities and perspectives to metal parts. We strive to reconcile environmental and health issues with ever-increasing standards in terms of performance, efficiency and evolution.

Developed with an environmentally conscious approach

The zinc flake technology we have invented performs at very low thickness (10µm). As a result, the use of natural resources, such as zinc, is limited. Our water-based formulations also reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds. Our commitment today is to develop eco-designed solutions with bio-sourced components.

Conceived with the operator’s well-being in mind

We have been able to formulate very stable water-based coatings. As a result, exposure to solvents is greatly reduced and no filters or explosion protection systems are required to operate our baths. This creates safer and more comfortable conditions during the manufacturing and application of our coatings.

Designed to increase parts durability

Corrosion has a major economic impact: 1/5 of the annual steel production is used to replace damaged parts. To ensure the durability of mechanical systems and optimal maintenance and repair conditions, our coatings offer both excellent corrosion protection and easy disassembly.

Suitable for high safety requirements

Our coatings are specified by major OEMs for safety and high strength steel parts. They are applied via non-electrolytic processes that prevent hydrogen embrittlement and therefore metal cracking. Our lubricated topcoats also help reduce the risk of loosening or breaking of fasteners.


Corrosion protection, lubrication, thermal resistance, …; with very low thicknesses, our coatings effectively cover a wide range of functionalities while reducing the number of process operations, mass, size or number of parts that would otherwise be required to obtain them.