Set the ideal foundation for our coatings.

Pretreatment Chemical Solutions are engineered to complement our water and solvent zinc flake basecoats and specialized topcoat technology. Our Pretreatment products will enhance performance, improve protection from rust and corrosion, and lower operational costs — without sacrificing the
quality you can trust from NOF Metal Coatings Group.


    GEOCLEAN® offers short term rust protection on ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts prior to metal treating. Our full line of alkaline and acidic cleaners will remove tough soils and prevent scale and water buildup. GEOCLEAN® is bio-resistant and has excellent soil load capabilities to reduce operational costs.


    A variety of synthetic fluids that feature cold heading lubricants, stamping fluids, and dry film lubricants. They can be individually formulated for specific needs, including reclaim capabilities to lower operational costs.


    GEOPREP® is an assortment of rust preventatives and sealers designed for short term corrosion protection. These specifically formulated rust inhibitors and sealants will improve corrosion resistance for a variety of metal surfaces.


    GEOADD® is a diverse range of additives formulated to make adjustments to various Pretreatment products.