"Inspired by nature, working hard to preserve it"

It is essential for us to ensure the protection of the planet and our existence as a way of action, work and progress. That is why, we use technological and human resources to innovate consciously, reduce the CO2 footprint of our products and anticipate regulations.



  • Integrating environmentally friendly procedures at all stages of our products’ life cycle.


  • Minimizing VOC emissions with water-based formulations


  • Limiting the energy consumption of our coatings with low curing technologies


  • Replacing our raw materials with equivalent bio-based materials



  • ISO 14001


  • Responsible Care®




Among the organizations that inspire our approach:




  • cefic.org (European Chemical Industry Council)


  • icca-chem.org (International Council of Chemical Associations)


  • aiag.org (Automotive Industry Action Group)