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  • Solid discs

    Based on more than 20 years of experience, we have developed in collaboration with line manufacturers a unique know-how making possible to adapt the coating thickness on functional and non-functional area depending on the mechanical, chemical or corrosion resistances specified.

  • Ventilated discs

    The complete treatment of ventilations with low thickness technologies (12µm) based on sacrificial effect improves a long-term corrosion protection to the entire brake discs and helps carrying on the original performance of the disc regardless of its architecture nor composition. The aesthetic finish of the coating will contribute to a higher perceived quality in the showroom and on the roads.

  • Drums

    High corrosion protection and chemical resistance against wheel cleaners and automotive fluids can be brought for raw and unmachined surface such as for ventilated drums without any influence on braking characteristics.

Chassis system

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