The GEOMET® license

To ensure the same and highest performance level all around the world, our coatings are applied exclusively by applicators who have signed up to our licensing agreement. Discover our mutual commitments.

Know-how sharing

We share our knowledge and experience in liquid coatings management and process engineering with our licensed applicators. They have a full access to our technical specifications. We also support them in designing their application lines in partnership with our approved manufacturers.

Technical support

Our licensees get supported by a reactive pool of technical experts and dedicated labs. From line design to fine process tuning, we bring solutions to our applicators to secure quality performance, increase coating productivity and coat most challenging kinds of parts.

Quality engagement

For continuous improvement purpose our licensees commit to an effective quality monitoring system which contribute to our trademark reputation on the market. In addition to regular process audit, parts coated by each licensee get evaluated through a defined protocol. Based on these data, licensees and technical assistants collaborate and take actions to anticipate deviations and secure quality performance.

Business development

Our local teams work actively alongside our licensed applicators. They share their market and technical expertise to support them in developing their business and promoting our technologies.
In this way, we maintain a trusting, personalized and long-lasting relationship and seize new market opportunities together.