2023, April, 19

ProSF 2023

The three-day-long ProSF 2023 was brought to an end with magnificent success on 9th of April, 2023. Figuratively, the Pure Brightness solar period, which was once depicted by the renowned poet Wu Wenying from South Song Dynasty as: listening to wind and rain in spending the Pure Brightness Day.

Therefore, we could infer that the weather in China’s south region in April is always accompanied by rainy days. However, this damp season seems to have no impact on the audiences’ passion towards the fair, which has driven distinguished guests from all industries to stop by and conduct a reciprocal exchange. Just like Mr. Liu Jianping, Vice President of NOF METAL COATINGS SHANGHAI CO., LTD., took the floor:”…that with the exertion of our expertise in the practice of various fields such as automobile, underground, construction and bridge engineering, etc., NOF METAL COATINGS SHANGHAI CO., LTD. has entered into China’s anti-corrosion industry and endeavoured in the contribution of the country’s sustainable development policy. We are enthusiastically open to the CSEA members as well as clients with interest in us as to negotiate and initiate technical exchange.”

On top of that, as an exhibitor of great prestige and fame in this show, NOF METAL COATINGS SHANGHAI CO., LTD. has manifested our technological superiority and sweeping vista opened up through presenting some of our bestsellers and group’s technical breakthroughs to spectators from all commercial realms.

In front of our booth, both existing licensees as well as new clients going to and fro in constant streams unquestionably have shaped ‘the icing on the cake’. So let us cast aside the temporal restriction and go over all the splendid highlights picturised by camera.