Our history starts with our passion.

Inventor of zinc flake coatings.

Our R&D department began using zinc dust in ZINCROMETAL® coatings in the 1970s. This first invention made it possible to effectively prevent corrosion and reduce the weight of vehicles by using thinner formable and weldable body steel sheets. Traditionally, phosphate and oil as well as zinc and cadmium electroplating were used to protect fasteners and various metal parts.

The idea of using zinc flakes in a water-based dispersion led to a revolutionary invention: DACROMET®. The thickness of the coating was reduced thanks to the specific shape of the flakes. The very good corrosion resistance was also enhanced by dry lubrication with PLUS® topcoats. In addition, the coating application process eliminated the risk of hydrogen embrittlement of high-grade steel parts while saving water since it does not require a rinsing step.

Anticipating regulations and market changes, NOF Metal Coatings Group has improved DACROMET® to create GEOMET® and continues to innovate with modern coating solutions that combine high performance with an ever smaller environmental footprint.

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NOF Corporation

The history of NOF CORPORATION begins in Japan.

Diamond Shamrock Corp.

(NOF Metal Coatings North America)


Diamond Shamrock Corp. is founded in the USA. The company initially produces basic chemical products, such as soda ash, soda crystal, alkalis or plastics.


Diamond Shamrock launches ZINCROMETAL®. The technology revolutionizes the pre-coating industry for steel in the form of sheets or strips treated with weldable, corrosion-resistant coatings.

Nippon Dacro Shamrock Ltd.

(NOF Metal Coatings Asia Pacific)


Nippon Dacro Shamrock Ltd. is established in Japan as a 50/50 joint venture between Diamond Shamrock and NOF Corporation.


We introduce DACROMET® 320, the first water-based zinc flake coating. This technology is designed to protect fasteners and various small stamped parts from corrosion.


At the same time, the PLUS® series comes to the market to provide a stable and accurate coefficient of friction for fasteners.

Dacral S.A.

(NOF Metal Coatings Europe)


To target the European market, Dacral S.A. is formed in France as a 50/50 joint venture between Diamond Shamrock and Akzo (Astral), a leading company in the paint industry.

Metal Coating Brasil Industria E Comercio

(NOF Metal Coatings South America)


The expansion of the activity continues with the creation in South America of Metal Coating Bresil Industria E Comercio.


That same year, Toyota starts using DACROMET® for the corrosion protection of its fasteners.


RENAULT creates a coating line dedicated to DACROMET® in one of its plants. The expansion of DACROMET® will then be rapidly supported by many other OEMs from various industries.

Korea Shamrock Co.,Ltd.

(NOF Metal Coatings Korea)


Korea Shamrock Co.,Ltd. is established in Korea for local production.


We release our first chrome-free waterbase zinc flake technology that provides long term corrosion protection, high temperature resistance and resistance against wheel cleaners. It is dedicated to brake discs and has Volkswagen as first customer.


Anticipating the European Directive 2000/53/EC, for recycling end-of-life vehicles, which prohibits chromium (VI) in coatings, we work in collaboration with the car manufacturers to ensure the replacement of DACROMET® by GEOMET®.

Shanghai NDS Co., Ltd.

(NOF Metal Coatings Shanghai)


Our expansion in Asia continues with the foundation of Shanghai NDS Co., Ltd.

NOF Metal Coatings Group

Diamond Shamrock, Nippon Dacro Shamrock, Shanghai NDS, Dacral, Metal Coating Brasil Industria E Comercio and Korea Shamrock strengthen their union by adopting the same corporate name: NOF Metal Coatings Group and a new claim: “Innovation links us together”.


That same year, we launch ZnCoat®. This zinc-rich coating was designed as an alternative to zinc plating for ferrous metals. ZnCoat® features environmentally friendly passivation agents and corrosion inhibitors throughout the film and is enhanced with a self-repairing mechanism.

ZnCoat® Yellow and ZnCoat® Black

ZnCoat® Yellow and ZnCoat® Black launches for an aesthetic option to the original ZnCoat® silver finish.


Initially in metallic silver color, the GEOMET® range is enriched with an elegant black finish.

Aragonesa de tratamientos

GEOMET®, thanks to its remarkable anti-corrosion performance, conquers the market of chassis parts. A new application line dedicated to the treatment of these parts is inaugurated in Spain.