Enrich the functional scope of basecoats.

Designed to perform at low thicknesses, our topcoat technologies are formulated to offer many functionalities: controlled friction, chemical resistance, increased corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, color, etc. They are the result of our chemists’ know-how and experience in selecting and combining the most adapted resins, lubricants, additives and pigments.

  • PLUS®

    PLUS® are water-based topcoats with a silicate resin. This type of resin increases the corrosion protection of the parts, including bimetallic corrosion.

    Formulated with lubricants, some PLUS® topcoats offer outstanding tribological properties on different bearing materials, especially for threaded fasteners (no stick-slip effect, stability under multi-tightening, stability under high-speed tightening).


    DACROLUB® are water-based topcoats made of organic thermoplastic binders and lubricants. This combination ensures controlled friction on different bearing materials.