• Construction equipment

    Construction machineries operates in highly corrosive environments, prone to abrasion and stone impact. The durability of the various metal parts and fasteners that compose them is essential to ensure their longevity and efficient work.
    That's why our patented chemistry offers both excellent anti-corrosion performance and mechanical resistance to the most challenging conditions. These functionalities are complemented by excellent assembly and multi-tightening behavior, which fulfill all OEMs requirements. In addition, our application processes that do not cause hydrogen embrittlement are suitable for a wide variety of part geometries and high-grade fasteners.

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  • Agricultural equipment

    Agriculture industry provides an aggressive environment for fasteners, springs and other metal parts that must demonstrate excellent resistance to chemical, fertilizer, stone chipping, weather, and corrosion.
    The knowledge that we have gained from decades of collaboration with various OEMs enables our coatings to ensure the durability and aesthetic look of these components. Excellent torque control is also guaranteed. In addition, caring about machine safety and anticipating market challenges, we offer application processes that do not cause hydrogen embrittlement as well as water-based coatings that are more environmentally friendly.

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