• Traditional building

    A wide variety of materials coexist within a building. Therefore, in addition to environmental conditions, incompatibilities are a common cause of corrosion.
    Thus, devoted to limit the replacement of corroded metal parts while guaranteeing the safety and dimensional stability of buildings, we pay particular attention to interfaces to advise you on the coating that will perfectly meet your needs.

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  • Metallic construction

    Metallic construction is subject to extreme climatic phenomena and stresses, especially in earthquake-prone regions. Therefore, in addition to corrosion protection, two decisive factors come into play: the tightening torque and the non-hydrogen embrittlement of fasteners.
    Our knowledge of tribology combined with our non-electrolytic application processes enable us to provide you with solutions that fully meet these requirements and limit maintenance operations.

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  • Timber construction

    Driven by their socio-ecological benefits, wood constructions such as houses, buildings and furniture are growing rapidly. The fasteners, springs and metal components used play a major role in ensuring their durability. As a result, architects are faced with a multitude of coating decisions to meet the unique requirements of each construction.
    As a pioneer in the metal coatings industry, we fully understand these issues and offer corrosion resistant coatings that are also resistant to acids and alkalis, bi-metallic corrosion and weather. In addition, our specialized technology provides low friction to enable fast tapping operations.

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  • Household appliance

    Electric fan, wash machine, refrigerator, as well as air conditioner, these are some of the most common objects in our daily domestic life. Approximately 70% of their cost is attributed to parts. However, the appliance manufacturers' capabilities in supplying long-lasting metal components directly influence the service life of the appliance itself.
    That's why we have developed performing, yet cost-effective, anti-corrosion coatings that contribute to increasing the durability of the parts they are composed of. Our technical crew members are able to conform to the current norms and provide tailor-made service based on your concrete requirements, regardless the parts being essential to compressor, electric machine, or control device.

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