How to design your coating?

Coating is an active material which interacts with the part itself, the counter parts and the surrounding environment. It must deliver the right range of functionalities at each interface.

Define the engineering context

To achieve the best technical solution, it is essential to integrate all the factors that will influence the coating expected functionalities and performances.

Key factors


  • Substrate material
  • Counterpart material
  • Environment corrosivity level
  • Physical & chemical stress

Build the coating, layer by layer

Each of our product brings its own range of functionalities. By combining different layers, you can craft the solution and performance level to reach the optimal engineering result.



  • Base coat
  • Base coat + 1 topcoat (Duplex system)
  • Base coat + 2 topcoats (Triplex system)

Select the process

The coating application process must be carefully selected according to the size, geometry and functional requirements of the parts.

Application processes


  • Bulk dip/spin
  • Rack dip/spin
  • Spray
  • Electrostatic spray