news 2022, October, 28

Italian Partners Day

Special day last week for NOF Metal Coatings Europe with the Italian Partners Day held in Torino on the 20th of October, with several highlights:


✔ The future name of SIE S.r.l. which will become NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE S.r.l.


✔ The conference on our Technical & Business development activities with GEOMET® solutions followed by a Q&A session.


✔ The inauguration of our new Italian offices in the heart of the Environment Park Congress Center, in Torino.


Many thanks to all our Partners for their participation, confidence and great interest in our technologies and for their contribution in the elaboration of the “inauguration artwork” that will remain in our offices as a souvenir of this meeting.


Special thanks to UPIVEB (Italian association of fasteners producers) represented by Mr Marco Cibien!