news 2023, April, 14

GEOMET®, the coating that powers-up your fasteners!!!

Superheroes #2 / GEOMET®, the coating that powers-up your fasteners!!!


Corrosion protection of fasteners is a daily challenge, to ensure high-performance functionality, total safety and extended life on millions of joints!!! 🥇🙂


GEOMET® water-based zinc flake technology:


✔️ Brings exceptional performance to a very wide range of fastener and nut designs, with only 8-15µm coating thickness.


✔️ Prevents the risk of hydrogen embrittlement during processing, for high strength steel materials


✔️ Provides the perfect conditions for friction control with our PLUS® lubricated topcoats.


✔️ Reduces considerably bimetallic corrosion between steel/stainless and aluminum thanks to its chemistry, composed of zinc and aluminum flakes!


Whatever your joint design and functional requirements, over 300 licensed applicators🌎 are available worldwide to solve your problems and bring more value🌟 to your fasteners!!!


More information: Product portfolio – NOF Metal Coatings Europe