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Get Superior Corrosion Resistance with GEOMET®.

Agriculture industry provides an aggressive environment for fasteners, springs and other metal parts that must demonstrate excellent resistance to chemical, fertilizer, stone chipping, weather conditions and corrosion.


To avoid this, OEMs from the Agricultural industry require high-quality anti-corrosion systems to keep their machineries running smoothly and efficiently. Developed by NOF Metal Coatings Group, the worldwide market leader in anti-corrosion zinc flake coatings, GEOMET® is a multifunctional zinc and aluminium flakes technology that is widely used in the agricultural industry by major players.


GEOMET® offers high resistance to corrosion (with a resistance to the salt spray test up to 1.000 hours, or more, without red rust), a thin coating thickness to ensure no thread interference on fasteners and a surface cleaning and coating process who exclude any risk of liquid hydrogen embrittlement. Additionally, it is compatible with paint after assembly, can be lubricated with a specific range of topcoats to secure joints and ease assembly and disassembly, enhance mechanical resistance to “attack” by assembly tools, thermal shocks, chemicals.

Metal parts subjected to strong chemical aggressions, oils and stressed due to intensive agricultural operations.
Metal parts subjected to strong chemical aggressions, oils and stressed due to intensive agricultural operations.

Bring active protection to metallic parts.


The success of GEOMET®’s high resistance to corrosion is the combination of different mechanisms: adhesion to substrate, barrier protection, sacrificial protection, and self-healing effect.


The overlapping of zinc and aluminium flakes acts as the tiles of a roof to provide a barrier between the metal to be protected and the corrosive atmosphere. This structure makes it more difficult for aggressive substances to penetrate the coating and reach the metal surface.


Zinc flakes corrode (by sacrificing themselves) to protect the steel base material, while the role of aluminium flakes is to slow down the corrosion action, so the coated parts resist longer to corrosion. Finally, the zinc’s natural consumption produces salts that fill in small damages caused to the coating and act as corrosion inhibitors for the substrate.


Water-based environmentally friendly coatings.


GEOMET®’s zinc flakes coatings are environmentally friendly waterborne coatings, with a lower carbon footprint and water consumption compared to other coatings. GEOMET® makes it possible to obtain a micro-layer of 8-10 microns, which grants the metal a high resistance to corrosion and meets the latest stringent agricultural requirements.


The extremely low coating thickness of GEOMET® is suitable even for fine screw threads, making our technology the reference for screws, fasteners and large parts in the agricultural and other industries where high-strength steel of classes up to 12.9 are used.


The high anti-corrosion performance is not the only requirement for the agricultural machines. Dimensional tolerances, screw assembly at a specific torque, friction coefficient stability after multi-tightening heat loosening, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and appearance are all important factors.


A wide range of topcoats to offer many functionalities.


Designed to perform at low thicknesses, our topcoats technologies can be used on our basecoat to offer many functionalities: controlled friction, chemical resistance, increased corrosion resistance or temperature resistance. Our best seller, the PLUS® VLh provides outstanding tribological performances and stability regarding multi-tightening with various counterparts materials. the parts remain well secured even in moments of very high stress.


Coatings must also protect from corrosion metal parts that are in contact with hydrochloric, phosphoric, sulfuric acids and other chemical agents. NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP offers finishes such as GEOKOTE® which, applied on top of GEOMET® basecoat, bring to the metal parts, protection against mentioned aggressive substances.


The Knowledge that we have gained from decades of collaboration with various OEMs enables our zinc flake coatings to ensure the durability, aesthetic look and functionalities of agricultural components.


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U-bolt coated with GEOMET® + PLUS® VLh to offer high corrosion protection + stable controlled friction coefficient.
Metal part coated with GEOMET® in Grey silver colour to offer high corrosion protection at low thickness.