NOF Metal Coatings North America Building

NOF Metal Coatings North America, a subsidiary of NOF Corporation, is a part of the NOF Metal Coatings Group. Our group is the inventor of proprietary zinc flake anticorrosion coatings.

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Research and Development Picture

We provide research using human and technological means, enabling us to progress forward in the areas of chemistry, mechanics, application and curing processes.

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  • Quality


    NOF Metal Coatings North America utilizes a global quality management system deployed by the whole group to bring life to our projects and set up our development strategy on each continent.

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  • Health and Environment


    Security, hygiene and preserving the environment are and have always been fundamental elements for the development and marketing of our products.

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  • Customized training


    NOF Metal Coatings North America offers all its partners and customers training regarding corrosion, tribology and principles for the implementation of GEOMET® and DACROMET® coatings.

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