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IZB Suppliers fair, Wolfsburg, Germany


Leadership and innovation

Meet our teams on booth N°5130, HALL 5, on October 14th, 15th and 16th, 2014.

For 40 years now, NOF METAL COATINGS Group, the inventor of the zinc flake corrosion protection technology, has established its international presence to respond to the global demand of OEMs.

Today, we are the only supplier who is able to offer chemical compounds in aqueous phase combined with excellent anticorrosion performances and compliant with functional requirements.

Our experience in the automotive sector, sometimes as a tier 1 supplier, always allowed us to early react to future needs of this market by integrating them in our continuous innovations.

  • GEOMET® 321 + PLUS® VLh specified by BMW, DAIMLER and VOLSKWAGEN,geomet-321-plus-vlh-nouveau-standard-de-bmw.xhtml

  • PLUS® VLh : innovative evolution, especially adapted to the constraints of consecutive and onto aluminum tightening.,parfaite-maitrise-du-serrage.xhtml

  • The GEOBLACK® range, answering the requirements of black coatings.

For any questions and free entries, please contact our sales team in Germany: or dial + 49 (0) 7145 9635 0.

Other news

Perfect tightening control


The growing use of light alloy parts, the increase of tightening speed and the high preloads require more and more efficient topcoats.