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NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP launches the 1st Training Center dedicated entirely to zinc flake anti-corrosion technology

NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP has paved the way for lamellar zinc coatings and has been recently awarded for its innovative work towards reducing VOC. It innovates further by opening its first European center dedicated to corrosion protection with zinc flake coatings. Located in an ideal place and equipped with large industrial facilities, this center offers very diversified training and has for its main aim to follow the evolution and challenges linked to GEOMET® coatings.

Tailor made training modules

The anticorrosion solutions based on the zinc-flake technology that we have been developing for over 30 years have been applied worldwide. From a chemical point of view, the special feature of this technology is its water-based system, which differs from the other competing solutions containing solvents.

The GEOMET® and DACROMET® coatings are industrially applied by a worldwide licensee’s network. Today, more than 3500 tons of fasteners are coated daily worldwide.Our role is to provide markets with the best anti-corrosion technology in terms of reliability, quality and requirements.

In order to match a wide range of needs expressed by our customers in relation to practical, technical, productivity and cost savings purposes, specific training sessions have been set up, including:

- Corrosion mechanisms module (Understanding factors leading to corrosion)

- Protection with zinc flake technology module (Protection principles, application processes etc.)

- Quality control module (Control of coated parts, compliance criteria for parts, identification of source of defects…)

- Tribology module (coefficients of friction measurement, principles, effects…)

The modules proposed are intended for all the members of the anti-corrosion lamellar zinc industry. They have been designed to fulfill the targeted needs of the licensed applicators as well as to answer specific questions from automotive, truck and fastener industries and distributors.

They can also be adapted to other sectors of activity such as renewable energies or railway industry. All the programs can be tailored to the specificities of each market.

For NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE, the creation of this training center represents a strategic means aiming at controlling effectively the evolution of the use of our products on a global scale.

Informing, training, explaining, communicating have to be part of our commitments. “When attending a session at our European training center, the trainees will be immersed in the heart of our industrial daily life of research and engineering. The training will be performed by highly experienced specialists who are ready to share the passion for their job” clarifies Isabelle Perche, Head of Quality Department and in charge of the training center.

A European training center which both combines teaching knowhow and practical implementation on industrial equipment

The trainings sessions take place at the European technical center of NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP near to Paris (20 minutes from Paris-Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport).

The equipment at the disposal of attendees perfectly matches their daily industrial activity as well as the facilities they use within their company. During their training, the participants can handle compounds in a specific laboratory, use salt spray cabinets, carry out physical measurement, electrochemical or tribology tests…

Theoretical or practical training is performed by specialists who have been working within the group for many years and who are really willing to share their knowledge. As GEOMET® coatings are applied worldwide, the training can be held in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

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